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The Sonar Ecosystem

May 16, 2023
Ryan SchiffmannCristiano Troffei

If you are reading this, then chances are you have at least heard of Sonar. Whether you are intimately familiar with Sonar or you are only being introduced for the first time, this is for you. This article will give a complete overview of the entire ecosystem, the features within, as well as the final objectives of the project.

What is Sonar?

Before Windows, there was MS-DOS. Users had to know specific typed commands for the functions they wanted to perform, and enter them into a command prompt, which was a bleak text-only black and white landscape. No cursor, colorful menus, buttons to click, helpful pop-ups, or any of the modern features which come standard in today’s sleek user interfaces. The underlying computing power was there before there was an ability for the average user to effectively navigate it. It was not user friendly for the non computer savvy, a group which included almost everyone at that time.

The introduction of Windows changed everything. It ushered in a wave of mass adoption for computers. Now, users could easily navigate with clear on screen prompts, visual displays, and clickable icons. The experience was improved again and again over time. Then the internet arrived and once again changed everything. What is colloquially known as “Web1” was rudimentary and fractured. Search engines were in the beginning stages, much of the web was un-indexed, and websites were siloed and difficult to find unless you knew the exact web address.

The concept of a user profile and a persistent online social identity emerged with “Web2”. The internet was highly indexed and interconnected. Information about your browsing habits and interests was used to tailor the experience. Social media was integrated into nearly all platforms and there became a high level of cross-integrations of applications. 

“Web3” is what is emerging with the growth of cryptocurrency. It is the network of dAPPS and crypto platforms across the different blockchains. Navigating this loosely connected ecosystem presents many of the same barriers to entry to users as MS-DOS and the early web. Crypto platforms and ecosystems are still largely siloed, each requiring different tools and protocols to navigate, index, and custody the associated assets. There is a large gap between a seamless user experience and what currently exists for Web3. Sonar presents an elegant solution, much like Windows did to revolutionize and simplify the user experience compared to DOS. Sonar is an Operating System for Web3. Consisting of several core components explored below, they are united in a seamless and intuitive master-control interface with Sonar Portal

Sonar Studio

Sonar Studio, an analytics and portfolio management suite, is the central component of the ecosystem. Within Studio, there is an array of features and tools available for users to easily access. Let’s explore each feature individually:

Token Studio

From here, users can search or browse for tokens on a variety of blockchains. Once a token is selected, detailed information is displayed. Starting with the current market price, percentage up/down in selectable timeframes, info blurb, buy link, socials links, and native blockchain. Users are able to connect their crypto wallets using a button in the top left and information about their token holdings will be detected and allow Studio to tailor information feeds based on these holdings.

Below the header token information is the infobar where more detailed metrics are displayed including current market cap, liquidity pool size, total and circulating supply, and 24 hour volume. Beside that is the social metrics infobar which displays total social media followers across all platforms (“Audience”), total social media posts from the token project team (“Activity”), total community engagement of the token across all socials (“Engagement”), and community sentiment of the engagement (“Sentiment”). The Sentiment metric is powered by AI NLP analysis and uses a neural transformer to rank the emotion of the words being spoken about the token project. These metrics give a crypto investor invaluable insight into the opportunity health of a prospective or current investment. Since crypto is largely highly speculative, having the best real time information can give investors an edge to help them make better decisions and minimize risk. If the sentiment or engagement of a project is sharply increasing or decreasing, these are signals that can precipitate significant price movements in either direction.

Below the infobars is the token price chart. Several different time frames are available to toggle between. The default view is a line chart which gives a more simplified overview of the tokens price movement over time. By clicking the “Live Trading” button, trading mode is activated which brings up a candle chart complete with technical analysis tools, indicators, and a transaction price feed below.


Newsroom is an AI aggregated and summarized feed of crypto related news articles. Sonar’s proprietary algorithm collects articles being posted in real-time from most major publications and uses AI NLP to summarize the main points of the article for rapid digestion. Again, as crypto investing is an information game, having the events that can move the market served up in real time can be invaluable in assisting decision making. Users may opt to connect their wallet and they will be fed articles relevant to their wallet holdings. 

Also available is to manually search by token or topic category. Users can click the link to see the full article at its source or simply read the summarized version within the Newsroom. There is also a share button to share the article on social media.


Sonar Academy is the education library with an ever growing index of articles, videos, listicles, and term glossary. It is also the place where you are reading this very article! At the Academy, you can learn about a variety of topics from basic to advanced. Information about how to use a wallet, what a blockchain is and how it works, to the individual projects and more nuanced details of Web3. 

Easily search through topics, keyword tags, or information tier. This is the perfect place for someone new to crypto to start their journey of learning.


Trends provides an even deeper level of real-time market and social token metrics. This feature is targeted towards advanced users who are looking for “alpha”, which is early information about what is being spoken about and bought. It will launch with 4 primary categories. Additional metrics will be added in further updates. The categories are:

  • Largest Holder Base

  • Top Audience Growth Rate

  • Kings of Engagement

  • Top Daily Volume

Each category will display trending tokens which are experiencing high percentage swings in either direction of one or more of the categories. 


Flow is the evolution of the old social feed, revised and evolved with new functionality and adapted to the Web3 experience. A personal command center aggregating relevant information, updates, events, alerts and signals in actionable and shareable cards. Any task can be driven from the Flow’s Power Bar including swapping tokens, sending crypto to friends, displaying analytics of your NFT collections, and seeing the latest news on a token. Everything can be requested in a snap simply through natural language. 

Flow serves info-cards and micro-apps within its feed, which then also become the history of your entire interaction in the blockchain. Micro-apps consolidate features from full applications in “contained modules”, which can be expanded to launch the parent app (Token Studio, Newsroom, etc). Flow is designed to be a streamlined and scaled version of the complete operational overview of social blockchain interaction.


Accounts is the companion of Token Studio, which enables the sorting and tracking of wallet addresses. It can also be thought of as the “Portfolio” app in Studio. The Accounts homepage is the user address and analytics. Using the search feature, you may search any address on any chain and be served the accompanying analytics for that address. These metrics include: 

  • Value

  • Asset list

  • Transaction list

  • Distribution

  • Analytics

A more in-depth, detailed, graphical, and understandable re-imagining of BSCscan/Etherscan. Addresses can also be saved in the user watchlist. When the alert system layer is added to Studio, users will also receive notifications depending on different customizable triggers/events. “Tracked wallet buys 0x….”.

Blockchain Indexing API

Powering Sonar’s multi-chain data collection is our proprietary blockchain indexing protocol. Transaction data is collected from each major blockchain in real time, and is what feeds information to the charting tool and various applications within the Sonar ecosystem.

As a B2B (business to business) offering, Sonar provides an API endpoint as a service to other protocols who are looking to secure the fastest and most accurate data from the blockchain. Our API endpoint is one of our core revenue streams and in time, we believe will be a popular integration choice of many crypto based protocols. Simply put, Sonar will be everywhere and powering many things!

Sonar Wallet

The Sonar Wallet is the self-custody and mobile interface component of the Sonar Ecosystem. The Sonar Wallet will be fully integrated with Sonar Studio and will function as a “remote” and a mirror for many of the Studio features including Accounts, Flow, alert chains, NFT’s, and more. Sonar Wallet is completely non-custodial which means that you are the owner of your private keys using the Wallet, as compared to a centralized exchange where they are the owners of the keys. Sonar Wallet retains some of the most familiar functions from current popular wallets. Additionally, expanding with fresh and innovative features, combined with the revolutionary and sleek Sonar UI experience. One stand-out UI innovation is “hold-to-confirm” which is designed to minimize mis-clicks and mistakes when executing transactions of any kind.

Sonar Wallet is fully multi-chain compatible and supports all major blockchains, as well as EVM chains. Within the Wallet, users may execute internal on-chain and cross-chain token swaps. Additionally, Sonar Wallet will be fully ERC-4337 compatible upon chain implementation.

These features will include:

  • Social recovery and login (keyless management)

  • Custom gas management (pay / “sponsor” gas fees with any token holding including stablecoins or PING)

  • Session keys (useful for Web3 gaming)

  • Multi-factor authentication for greater security

The combination of all of these features and interface positions Sonar Wallet on the cutting edge of Web3 wallet security, breadth of utility, and usability.

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Sonar Portal

The endgame of the Sonar Ecosystem is Sonar Portal. The Portal is the grand overview of all the individual Sonar components described above. Collected in one easy to use master-interface, each component is fully integrated and informed by the others. Sonar Studio and Sonar Wallet sync with the portal, which is in turn powered by Sonar Blockchain Indexing. The user is presented with a holistic access panel to all things Web3 and blockchain. Sonar Portal is the first Layer 3 protocol, a complete Operating System for Web3. 

Sonar intends to bring the blockchain to the many new millions of users that will be entering the space for the first time in the coming years. Opening the way for mass adoption and eliminating the barriers of entry of complexity that currently exists. The core goal of Sonar is to provide a highly intuitive and user friendly platform for users of all skill levels to navigate the world of cryptocurrency. With Sonar Portal, this complete vision is realized.

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